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    TV Installation Toronto is a GTA TV Wall Mounting company in the city of Toronto, ON. Our technicians are skilled experts and installers. Tv Installation Toronto offers High-Quality Tv Mounting, Tv Installation, And Setup, Professional Wire Concealment, Perfect Integration, And Installation Of Surround Sound & Home Theater, Home Theater Installation, And Consolation.


    We make sure you experience excellent TV Mounting and the highest quality work on every installation project.


    Some TV Installers in Toronto can lie to you on the cost and therefore, it is good to have a cost estimate. You should also be conscious of unqualified TV mounting contractors who exaggerate their abilities. The type of Toronto TV Installer that you hire has a huge impact on the final outcome. Check out these suggestions, which are designed to help you make the very best choice when it involves hiring a TV Installer in Toronto.


    The process of finding a great TV Wall Mounting in Toronto need not be rushed to ensure one gets the very best. Listen to your friends and family when they make recommendations. You can increase your chances of landing a GTA TV Wall mounting in Toronto by finding networking opportunities. Conducting as many interviews as possible will determine your chance of finding a prime Wall Mount TV Installation.


    Building codes and regulations are unique to each municipality. When interviewing prospective TV Installation Service in Toronto, you can ask them about the regulations to see if they know them. A wall tv installation in Toronto who is conversant with the rules will have an easy time completing the job on time.


    You can assess prospective Toronto wall mount tv installation service' knowledge of your community's building code by asking them what they would do in certain situations and making sure that their responses reflect familiarity with the code.


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    GTA TV Wall Mounting Service by North Team


    TV Installation Toronto | GTA TV Wall Mounting


    Address: - 8 Tumpane St, North York, Toronto, ON, M3M 1L6, CANADA


    Phone:- (647) 471-7273


    Email:- info@tvwallmounting.ca


    Website: https://tvwallmounting.ca


    We specialise in both TV and Speaker wall mounting assembly applications at TV Mounting Express, with the highest pricing! As well as your Home Theatre Speaker System, we instal all LCD, LED, and Plasma Televisions.


    Our specialist technicians can instal your mounting device safely and efficiently, if you need your TV or speakers installed on your wall at home, above your fireplace, in your office, in your hospital, or in your pub.
    Both TVs and speaker systems will be professionally levelled and focused to suit the requirements. We can mask the unsightly wires behind the wall for a lovely look, too.


    We give a warranty of 2 years on all workmanship. Our mission is to make you, our valued consumer, happy and fulfilled with our quality work, so that for years to come you can enjoy your wall mounted TV or Speaker System!


    Fixed Tilting Mount

    Tilting Wall Mounts have the ability to tilt up and down up to 12 degrees


    Tilting Ceiling Mount

    Ceiling Mounts are also self-explanatory. They are mounted directly to your ceiling.

    Articulating Swivel Mount

    Articulating Wall Mounts can move left and right, and up and down, and can be mounted in corners on

    an angle.


    There are various kinds of TV sets to pick from. It really depends on what your criteria are to select the correct mount type, but we will help you make the right choice.


    Flat Wall Mounts are fairly self-explanatory flat wall mounts. They are directly attached to the wall and stay in that smooth, fixed position.


    • Tilting Wall Mounts - Tilting Wall Mounts are capable of tilting up to 12 degrees up and down.
    • Swivel Arm Mounts - Swivel Wall Mounts can move up and down, left and right, and can be mounted at an angle in corners.
    • Ceiling Mounts - There are also self-explanatory ceiling mounts. They are actually connected to the ceiling.
    • Motorized mounts - Motorized mounts will move away from the wall and from a remote control, turn left or right.




  • What We Offer?


    tv wall mounting

    If it's drywall with wood studs, drywall with metal studs, masonry brick walls, or wood-paneled walls, we can add your TV on either wall. Your TV is guaranteed to be fixed to your wall structurally, and guaranteed not to collapse. We will guarantee that everything is professionally levelled and concentrated to conform with the requirements.

    Accessible wire concealment and wire harnessing. We can supply the mount with this service or we can add a mount that you have ordered. We may also uninstall and add an existing mount in another location.


    speaker mounting

    To satisfy your needs, and provide the you with the best possible tone, we will mount your speakers to any wall and to every strategic position. We also ensure that they are comfortable and based on a professional look. Wire concealment and open wire conserving.


    wire concealment

    For a clean and pretty look, we can conceal those unsightly wires behind the wall. With a professional decor cover pad, we can cover some gaps in the wall with


    How much does it cost to hire someone to mount a TV?

    It can range from $80 to $175 to instal a basic flat screen TV wall mount that does not require special wiring, whilst it can cost $200 to $500 to instal a more traditional wall mount. The members of Angie's List who had TV mounts mounted in 2013 reported paying $313 on average, with a range from $250 to $375.

    Do I need an electrician to install a TV?

    In the first example, not only the closest electrical socket, but any peripheral components, such as a DVD player or audio speakers, would need to be wired to your TV. With beauty and quality, an electrician knows how to mount such wiring.

    How do I install my TV?

    1. Decide where the TV should be located. ...
    2. Using a stud finder, identify the wall studs. ...
    3. Mark your pilot holes and drill them. ...
    4. To the wall, attach the mounting bracket. ...
    5. Fix the assembly plate to the TV. ...
    6. Mount a wall for your TV. ...
    7. Experience your newly installed TV!

    Should I pay someone to mount my TV?

    Do I need a pro to mount a TV holder? Although it is an easy task to instal a television mount, making a mistake could lead to costly damage to your TV or wall. Hiring an accomplished pro is the safest way to guarantee the job is done properly and your television is healthy.

    Does mounting a TV damage the wall?

    The studs not only protect the walls, but they also make it possible to hang things, indeed even your TV. It's necessary to anchor your mount's screw to the studs, or else your TV (and wall) is at risk of being badly destroyed.

    How difficult is it to mount a TV?

    It's clear enough. Get a second person to help you firmly raise the TV onto the mount and pull it up while assuring the brackets on the TV are usually locked to wall plate.

    What does TV installation include?

    • Service for wall-mounting or table top assembly (Wall-mount brackets are not included, unless already provided with product)
    • Connecting the top box, stabiliser, etc. of your current package.
    • Giving a demo of features and configurations for the product.

    How much does it cost to mount a TV above a fireplace?

    If you need to replace them, a TV stand allows you convenient access to all the cables and sockets. TV stands take up more room than wall mounted models, so they certainly aren't the ideal option if you have limits on your floor space. ... If you have children or pets, it might be a safer option to instalL a TV

    Can you mount a TV without drilling?

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    Is it OK to hang a TV above a fireplace?

    Now if you just don't need your fireplace, then you're all right. Otherwise be cautious. Mounting a Screen over a fireplace, while trendy, isn't the right idea for you or for the Set. Placement is a major challenge, because when it comes to image quality, location and TV height can be important influences.

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